Canadian Mineralogist, 1999, V 37, N 4, August.

ISSN: 0008-4476
 The crystal chemistry of the eudialyte group
 Johnsen O.  Grice JD.
 p. 865

 Khomyakovite and manganokhomyakovite, two new members of the eudialyte 
 group from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada 
 Johnsen O.  Gault RA.  Grice JD.  Ercit TS.

 Labuntsovite: Solid solutions and features of the crystal structure
 Chukanov NV.  Pekov IV.  Rastsvetaeva RK.  Nekrasov AN.
 p. 901

 Coparsite, Cu4O2[(As,V)O-4]Cl, a new mineral species from the Tolbachik 
 volcano, Kamchatka Peninsula,  Russia 
 Vergasova LP.  Starova GL.  Krivovichev SV.  Filatov SK.  Ananiev VV.
 p. 911

 Stereoactive lone-pair behavior of Pb in the crystal structure of bideauxite: 
 Cooper MA.  Hawthorne FC.  Merlino S.  Pasero M.  Perchiazzi N.
 p. 915

 Crystal-structure determination of twinned kettnerite 
 Grice JD.  Cooper MA.  Hawthorne FC.
 p. 923

 Refinement of the crystal structure of rutherfordine
 Finch RJ.  Cooper MA.  Hawthorne FC.  Ewing RC.
 p. 929

 The crystal structure of ludwigite 
 Irwin MB.  Peterson RC.
 p. 939

 Gorceixite, a singular product of replacement in fossil bones from 
 the Bauru Basin, Brazil 
 Coutinho JMV.  Atencio D.  Coimbra AM.  Fernandes LA.
 p. 945

 Disclinations in unusual graphite crystals from anorthosites of Ukraine
 Kvasnitsa VN.  Yatsenko VG.  Jaszczak JA.
 p. 951

 Occurrence of LREE- and Y-arsenates from a Fe-Mn deposit, Ligurian 
 Brianconnais Domain, Maritime  Alps, Italy 
 Cabella R.  Lucchetti G.  Marescotti P.
 p. 961

 Two-XRD-line ferrihydrite and Fe-Si-Mn oxyhydroxide mineralization from
 Franklin Seamount, western  Woodlark Basin, Papua New Guinea 
 Boyd T.  Scott SD.
 p. 973

 Mossbauer spectra of priderite and synthetic iron-bearing hollandite 
 McCammon C.  Mitchell RH.  Chakhmouradian AR.
 p. 991

 The structural formula of talc from the Trimouns deposit, Pyrenees, France 
 Martin F.  Micoud P.  Delmotte L.  Marichal C.  Le Dred R.  
 De Parseval P.  Mari A.  Fortune JP.
 p. 997

 Tourmaline compositions from the Salikvan porphyry Cu-Mo deposit and 
 vicinity, northeastern Turkey 
 Yavuz F.  Iskenderoglu A.  Jiang SY.
 p. 1007

 Upper thermal stability of tourmaline plus quartz in the system 
 MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-B2O3-H2O and Na2O-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-B2O3-H2O-HCl in 
 hydrothermal solutions and siliceous melts 
 Von Goerne G.  Franz G.  Robert JL.
 p. 1025

 Encyclopedia of mineral names: First update  
 Martin RF.  Blackburn WH.
 p. 1045