Canadian Mineralogist, 1999, V 37, N 3, June-July.

ISSN 0008-4476
  Carrollite and related minerals of the linnaeite group: Solid solutions
  and nomenclature in the light of new data from the Siegerland District,
  Wagner T; Cook NJ.
  pp 545-558
  Tellurides from the Paleoproterozoic Omai gold deposit, Guiana Shield.
  Voicu G; Bardoux M; Jebrak M.
  pp 559-573
  The Guibare and Fete Kole gold-bearing tourmaline-quartz veins in the
  Birimian greenstone belts of Burkina Faso. 
  Beziat D; Bourges F; Debat P; Fuchs Y; Lompo M; Martin F; Nikiema S;
  Tollon F.
  pp 575-591
  Pyrite and vivianite intervals in the bottom sediments of eutrophic
  Baptiste Lake, Alberta, Canada. 
  Manning PG; Prepas EE; Serediak MS.
  pp 593-601
  Mineralogy of the Archean barite deposit of Ghattihosahalli, Karnataka,
  Devaraju TC; Raith MM; Spiering B.
  pp 603-617
  Occurrence of early Carboniferous high-Zr rhyolites, Cobequid Highlands,
  Nova Scotia: Temperature effect of a contemporaneous mafic magma.
  Piper DJW; Dessureau G; Pe-Piper G.
  pp 619-634
  The mobility of zirconium and identification of secondary Zr-bearing
  phases in bauxite from Pocos de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil: A
  mass-balance and x-ray absorption spectroscopic study. 
  Duvallet L; Martin F; Soubies F; Salvi S; Melfi AJ; Fortune JP.
  pp 635-651
  Hydrothermal REE-rich eudialyte from the Pilanesberg Complex, South
  Olivo GR; Williams-Jones AE.
  pp 653-663
  Niobian calciotantite and plumboan-stannoan cesstibtantite from the island
  of Uto, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden. 
  Smeds SA; Cerny P; Chapman R.
  pp 665-672
  Strontiomelane, SrMn64+Mn23+O16, a new mineral species of the cryptomelane
  group from St. Marcel Praborna, Aosta Valley, Italy. 
  Meisser N; Perseil EA; Brugger J; Chiappero PJ.
  pp 673-678
  Uvarovite in podiform chromitite: The Moa-Baracoa ophiolitic massif, Cuba.
  Proenza J; Sole J; Melgarejo JC.
  pp 679-690
  Structural state of K-feldspar in some Hercynian granites from Iberia: A
  review of data and controlling factors. 
  Neves LJPF; Godinho MM.
  pp 691-700
  High-temperature X-ray investigation of sanidine-analbite crystalline
  solutions: Thermal expansion, phase transitions, and volumes of mixing.
  Hovis GL; Brennan S; Keohane M; Crelling J.
  pp 701-709
  Crystal structures of near-end-member phlogopite at high temperatures and
  heat-treated Fe-rich phlogopite: The influence of the O,OH,F site.
  Russell RL; Guggenheim S.
  pp 711-720
  The crystal structure of choloalite. 
  Lam AE; Groat LA; Grice JD; Ercit TS.
  pp 721-729
  Borate minerals. II. A hierarchy of structures based upon the borate
  fundamental building block. 
  Grice JD; Burns PC; Hawthorne FC.
  pp 731-762
  Hydrogen-atom positions in P4/nnc vesuvianite. 
  Lager GA; Xie QY; Ross FK; Rossman GR; Armbruster T; Rotella FJ; 
  Schultz AJ.
  pp 763-768
  The crystal structure of darapiosite and a comparison with Li- and
  Zn-bearing minerals of the milarite group. 
  Ferraris G; Prencipe M; Pautov LA; Sokolova EV.
  pp 769-774
  Redetermination of the crystal structure of hanawaltite. 
  Grice JD.
  pp 775-778
  The E. E. Foord Memorial Symposium on NYF granitic pegmatites - Program
  and abstracts.
  pp 799-+