Canadian Mineralogist, 1999, V 37, N 2, Apr.

ISSN 0008-4476
  Mineral-scale processes in metamorphic petrology: The Kretz volume -
  Preface. [Item about an Individual]
  Rivers T; Pattison D.
  pp 273-275
  Harkerite and associated minerals in marble and skarn from Crestmore
  quarry, Riverside County, California and Cascade Slide, Adirondack
  Mountains, New York. 
  Grew ES; Yates MG; Adams PM; Kirkby R; Wiedenbeck M.
  pp 277-296
  Experimental evidence for the effect of defects on the luminescence of
  synthetic calcite. 
  Mason RA.
  pp 297-310
  The classic high-T-low-P metamorphism of west-central Maine: is it
  post-tectonic or syntectonic? Evidence from porphyroblast-matrix
  Solar GS; Brown M.
  pp 311-333
  High-pressure and high-temperature metamorphism of the mafic and
  ultramafic Lac Espadon suite, Manicouagan imbricate zone, eastern
  Grenville Province, Quebec. 
  Cox R; Indares A.
  pp 335-357
  Kyanite in the western Superior Province of Ontario: Implications for
  Archean accretionary tectonics. 
  Pan YM; Fleet ME.
  pp 359-373
  Cordierite-anthophyllite-cummingtonite rocks from the Lar deposit, Laurie
  Lake, Manitoba. 
  Elliott-Meadows SR; Froese E; Appleyard EC.
  pp 375-380
  Subtle oscillatory zoning in garnet from regional metamorphic phyllites
  and mica schists, western Erzgebirge, Germany. 
  Schumacher R; Rotzler K; Maresch WV.
  pp 381-402
  The case against Ostwald ripening of porphyroblasts. 
  Carlson WD.
  pp 403-413
  Forward modeling of metamorphic textures. 
  Foster CT.
  pp 415-429
  Geochemistry and textures of metasomatic combs and orbicules in ultramafic
  rocks, Namew Lake, Manitoba. 
  Menard T; Ridgway CK; Stowell HH; Lesher CM.
  pp 431-442
  Crystal-chemical and thermal controls on trace-element partitioning
  between coexisting garnet and biotite in metamorphic rocks from western
  Yang P; Rivers T; Jackson S.
  pp 443-468
  Documentation of variable trace- and rare-earth-element abundances in
  carbonates from auriferous quartz veins in Meguma lode-gold deposits, Nova
  Kontak DJ; Jackson SJ.
  pp 469-488
  Deformation-induced mass transfer in felsic volcanic rocks hosting the
  Brunswick No. 6 massive-sulfide deposit, New Brunswick: geochemical
  effects and petrogenetic implications. 
  Lentz DR.
  pp 489-512
  Quartz and feldspar microstructures in metamorphic rocks. 
  Vernon RH.
  pp 513-524
  Deformation of silicate garnets: Brittle-ductile transition and its
  geological implications. 
  Wang ZC; Ji SC.
  pp 525-541