Canadian Mineralogist, 1999, V 37, N 1, Feb.

Measuring mineral abundance in skarn. I. The Rietveld method using X-ray
powder-diffraction data. 
Raudsepp M; Pani E; Dipple GM.
pp 1-15
Measuring mineral abundance in skarn. II. A new linear programming
formulation and comparison with projection and Rietveld methods. 
Gordon TM; Dipple GM.
pp 17-26
Unusual forms of amorphous silica from submarine warm springs, Juan de
Fuca Ridge, northeastern Pacific Ocean. 
Jonasson IR; Perfit MR.
pp 27-36
As, Sb, Be and Ce enrichment in minerals from a metamorphosed Fe-Mn
deposit, Val Ferrera, eastern Swiss Alps. 
Brugger J; Giere R.
pp 37-52
Local Pb2+-square disorder in the crystal structure of jamesite,
and revision of the chemical formula. 
Cooper MA; Hawthorne FC.
pp 53-60
The crystal structure of betpakdalite, and a new chemical formula:
Cooper MA; Hawthorne FC.
pp 61-66
Esperanzaite, NaCa2Al2(As5+O4)(2)F-4(OH)center dot 2H(2)O, a new mineral
species from the La Esperanza mine, Mexico: Descriptive mineralogy and
atomic arrangement. 
Foord EE; Hughes JM; Cureton F; Maxwell CH; Falster AU; Sommer AJ; Hlava
pp 67-72
The crystal structure of wooldridgeite, Na2CaCu22+(P2O7)(2)(H2O)(10), a
novel copper pyrophosphate mineral. 
Cooper MA; Hawthorne FC.
pp 73-81

Modular approach in solving the crystal structure of a synthetic dimorph
of nacaphite, Na2Ca[PO4]F, from powder-diffraction data. 
Sokolova EV; Kabalov YK; Ferraris G; Schneider J; Khomyakov AP.
pp 83-90
Hainite from Pocos de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil. 
Atencio D; Coutinho JMV; Ulbrich MNC; Vlach SRF; Rastsvetaeva RK;
Pushcharovsky DY.
pp 91-98
Sr-bearing perovskite and loparite from lamproite and agpaitic nepheline
syenite pegmatites. 
Mitchell RH; Chakhmouradian AR.
pp 99-112
The structure of edoylerite determined from a microcrystal. 
Burns PC.
pp 113-118
New data on the mercury oxide-chloride mineral poyarkovite: The second
find, and crystal-structure determination. 
Vasil'ev VI; Pervukhina NV; Romanenko GV; Magarill SA; Borisov SV.
pp 119-126
Zoning and substitutions in Co-Ni-(Fe)-PGE sulfarsenides from the Mount
General'skaya layered intrusion, Arctic Russia. 
Barkov AY; Thibault Y; Laajoki KVO; Melezhik VA; Nilsson LP.
pp 127-142
The Um Samiuki volcanogenic Zn-Cu-Pb-Ag deposit, Eastern Desert, Egypt: A
possible new occurrence of cervelleite. 
Helmy HM.
pp 143-154
Fibrous foitite from Sebinkarahisar, Giresun Pb-Zn-Cu-(U) mineralized
area, northern Turkey. 
Yavuz F; Celik M; Karakaya N.
pp 155-161
Mineralogy and geochemistry of proterozoic basaltic intrusions, Spionkop
Ridge, southwestern Alberta. 
Goble RJ; Ghazi AM; Treves SB.
pp 163-175
Calcite-amphibole-clinopyroxene rock from the Afrikanda complex, Kola
Peninsula, Russia: Mineralogy and a possible link to carbonatites. I.
Oxide minerals. 
Chakhmouradian AR; Zaitsev AN.
pp 177-198
Coordination and local structure of magnesium in silicate minerals and
glasses: MgK-edge XANES study. 
Li D; Peng MS; Murata T.
pp 199-206
Effects of dose rate and temperature on the crystalline-to-metamict
transformation in the ABO(4) orthosilicates. 
Meldrum A; Boatner LA; Zinkle SJ; Wang SX; Wang LM; Ewing RC.
pp 207-221

The origin of fluids associated with serpentinization processes: 
Evidence from stable-isotope compositions. 
Kyser TK; O'Hanley DS; Wicks FJ.
pp 223-237
Reproducibility of electron-microprobe bulk analyses of fine-grained
media: A case study using modern bone china. 
De Jong LS; Owen JV.
pp 239-246
New minerals approved in 1998 by the Commission on New Minerals and
Mineral Names, International Mineralogical Association.
Grice JD; Ferraris G.
pp 247-252
The Hawley Medal for 1998 to Frank C. Hawthorne. [Item about an
Nicholls J.
pp 259
The Leonard G. Berry Medal for 1998 to Dorian G.W. Smith. [Item about an
Nicholls JM.
pp 261-262
The Past President's medal for 1998 to Fred J. Longstaffe. [Item about an
Mitchell RH.
pp 263-264
The Young Scientist Award for 1998 to Peter C. Burns. [Item about an
Mitchell RH.
pp 265-267
The Young Scientist Award for 1998 to Peter C. Burns.
Burns PC.
pp 266-267