Canadian Mineralogist, 1998, V 36, N 6, Dec.

ISSN 0008-4476
  XRD and electron-microscopy investigations of layer silicates - Preface.
  [Editorial Material]
  Martin RF.
  pp 1395
  Implications of TEM data for the concept of fundamental particles.
  Peacor DR.
  pp 1397-1408
  Fundamental particles and the advancement of geoscience: Response to
  "Implications of TEM data for the concept of fundamental particles".
  Nadeau PH.
  pp 1409-1414
  Evolution, current situation, and geological implications of the
  "fundamental particle" concept. 
  Nieto F; Cuadros J.
  pp 1415-1419
  A coherent TEM- and XRD-description of mixed-layer illite/smectite.
  Guthrie GD; Reynolds RC.
  pp 1421-1434
  Modification of illite-muscovite crystallite-size distributions by sample
  preparation for powder XRD analysis. 
  Li GJ; Peacor DR; Buseck PR; Arkai P.
  pp 1435-1451
  Crystallite thickness and defect density of phyllosilicates in
  low-temperature metamorphic pelites: A TEM and XRD study of clay-mineral
  crystallinity-index standards. 
  Warr LN; Nieto F.
  pp 1453-1474
  Changes in layer organization of Na- and Ca-exchanged smectite materials
  during solvent exchanges for embedment in resin. 
  Elsass F; Beaumont A; Pernes M; Jaunet AM; Tessier D.
  pp 1475-1483
  Significance of n-alkylammonium exchange in the study of 2 : 1 clay
  mineral diagenesis, Mackenzie Delta Beaufort Sea region, Arctic Canada.
  Sears SK; Hesse R; Vali H.
  pp 1485-1506
  K-Ar ages of 2 : 1 clay minerals, Mackenzie Delta Beaufort Sea region,
  Arctic Canada: Significance of n-alkylammonium exchange. 
  Sears SK; Hesse R; Vali H; Elliott WC; Aronson JL; Martin RF.
  pp 1507-1524
  A refined XRD method for the determination of chlorite composition and
  application to the McGerrigle Mountains anchizone in the Quebec
  Shata S; Hesse R.
  pp 1525-1546
  Chamosite from oolitic ironstones: The necessity of a combined XRD-EDX
  Wiewiora A; Wilamowski A; Lacka B; Kuzniarski M; Grabska D.
  pp 1547-1557
  Surface microtopography of illite crystals from different modes of
  Kitagawa R.
  pp 1559-1567
  Synthesis and properties of regularly interstratified (R=2) margarite
  (0.67)-beidellite, a 34 angstrom phase. 
  Matsuda T; Kurosaki M.
  pp 1569-1576
  Calculated H-atom positions in micas and clay minerals. 
  Liang JJ; Hawthorne FC.
  pp 1577-1585
  Effect of temperature on the structures of lizardite-1T and
  Guggenheim S; Zhan W.
  pp 1587-1594
  TEM and XRD study of antigorite superstructures. 
  Uehara S.
  pp 1595-1605
  Evidence for atomic-scale resolution in atomic-force microscopy of layer
  Wicks FJ; Henderson GS; Hawthorne FC; Kjoller K.
  pp 1607-1614
  Greisen and post-greisen alteration in the Sao Vicente de Pereira
  kaolinite deposit, Portugal. 
  Bobos N; Gomes C.
  pp 1615-1624
  Mineralogy, grain-size distribution and geotechnical behavior of Champlain
  clay core samples, Quebec. 
  Berry RW; Torrance JK.
  pp 1625-1636