Canadian Mineralogist, 1998, V 36, N 5, Oct.

The crystal structure of blatterite,
Sb-3(5+)(Mn3+,Fe3+)(9)(Mn2+,Mg)(35)(BO3)(16)O-32, and structural hierarchy
in Mn-3+-bearing zigzag borates. 
Cooper MA; Hawthorne FC.
pp 1171-1193
The crystal structure of trembathite, (Mg1.55Fe1.43Mn0.02)B7O13Cl, a
mineral of the boracite group: An example of the insertion of a cluster
into a three-dimensional net. 
Schindler M; Hawthorne FC.
pp 1195-1201
Description of schoenfliestite, MgSn(OH)(6), and roxbyite, Cu1.72S, from a
1375 BC shipwreck, and Rietveld neutron-diffraction refinement of
synthetic schoenfliesite, wickmanite, MnSn(OH)(6), and burtite,
Basciano LC; Peterson RC; Roeder PL; Swainson I.
pp 1203-1210
Bernalite from the Clara mine, Germany, and the incorporation of tungsten
in minerals containing ferric iron. 
Kolitsch U.
pp 1211-1216
Raman and infrared spectra of phase E, a plausible hydrous phase in the
Mernagh TP; Liu LG.
pp 1217-1223
Distinction of jarosite-group compounds by Raman spectroscopy. 
Sasaki K; Tanaike O; Konno H.
pp 1225-1235
Contrasting patterns of Al-[6] order in synthetic pargasite and
Co-substituted pargasite. 
Della Ventura G; Robert JL; Hawthorne FC; Raudsepp M; Welch MD.
pp 1237-1244
Synthetic fluoro-amphiboles: Site preferences of Al, Ga, Sc and inductive
effects on mean bond-lengths of octahedra. 
Oberti R; Hawthorne FC; Camara F; Raudsepp M.
pp 1245-1252
The role of Ti in hydrogen-deficient amphiboles: Sodic-calcic and sodic
amphiboles from Coyote Peak, California. 
Hawthorne FC; Oberti R; Zanetti A; Czamanske GK.
pp 1253-1265
Intermediate scapolite: Si-29 MAS and Al-27 SATRAS NMR spectroscopy and
Rietveld structure-refinement. 
Sherriff BL; Sokolova EV; Kabalov YK; Teertstra D; Kunath-Fandrei G; Goetz S; Jager C.
pp 1267-1283
Carbonate groups in davyne: Structural and crystal-chemical
Ballirano P; Bonaccorsi E; Merlino S; Maras A.
pp 1285-1292
Thomasclarkite-(Y), a new sodium - Rare-earth-element bicarbonate mineral
species from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. 
Grice JD; Gault RA.
pp 1293-1300
Wiluite, Ca-19(Al,Mg,Fe,Ti)(13)(B,Al square)(5)Si18O68(O,OH)(10), a new
mineral species isostructural with vesuvianite, from the Sakha Republic,
Russian Federation. 
Groat LA; Hawthorne FC; Ercit TS; Grice JD.
pp 1301-1304
Refinement of the crystal structure of tienshanite: Short-range-order
constraints on chemical composition. 
Cooper MA; Hawthorne FC; Grew ES.
pp 1305-1310
The crystal structure of vuonnemite,
Na11Ti4+Nb2(Si2O7)(2)(PO4)(2)O-3(F,OH), a phosphate-bearing sorosilicate
of the lomonosovite group. 
Ercit TS; Cooper MA; Hawthorne FC.
pp 1311-1320
Grumiplucite, a new mercury-bismuth sulfosalt species from the Levigliani
mine, Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy. 
Orlandi P; Dini A; Olmi F.
pp 1321-1326
An unusual assemblage of high-Ti oxides and ferroan clinochlore along
zones of brittle deformation in the Vourinos (Rodiani) ophiolite complex,
Christidis GE; Economou-Eliopoulos M; Marcopoulos T; Laskou M.
pp 1327-1338
Stability and composition of K-Ti silicates, K-Ba phosphate and K-Mg
fluoride at 0.85-2.6 GPa: Implications for the genesis of potassic
alkaline magmas. 
Gulliver CE; Edgar AD; Mitchell RH.
pp 1339-1346
Distribution of gold in tin-rich samples from the Corvo Orebody, Portugal.
Cabri LJ; Gaspar OC; Lastra R; McMahon G.
pp 1347-1360
The nature of invisible gold in sulfides from the Xiangxi Au-Sb-W ore
deposit in northwestern Hunan, People's Republic of China. 
Yang SX; Blum N; Rahders E; Zhang ZR.
pp 1361-1372
Glossary of geological localities in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire,
now in Romania. 
Nicolescu S.
pp 1373-1381
Micas from the Pikes Peak batholith and its cogenretic granitic
pegmatites, Colorado: optical properties, composition, and correlation
with pegmatite evolution (vol 36, pg 463, 1998). [Correction, Addition]
Kile DE; Foord EE.
pp 1388