Canadian Mineralogist, 1998, V 36, N 4, Aug.

ISSN 0008-4476
  Instability of perovskite in a CO2-rich environment: Examples from
  carbonatite and kimberlite. 
  Mitchell RH; Chakhmouradian AR.
  pp 939-951
  Compositional variation of perovskite-group minerals from the Khibina
  complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia. 
  Chakhmouradian AR; Mitchell RH.
  pp 953-969
  A new type of scandium mineralization in phoscorites and carbonatites of
  the Kovdor massif, Russia. 
  Liferovich RP; Subbotin VV; Pakhomovsky YA; Lyalina MF.
  pp 971-980
  Apatite as a monitor of fractionation, degassing, and metamorphism in the
  Sudbury Igneous Complex, Ontario. 
  Warner S; Martin RF; Abdel-Rahman AFM; Doig R.
  pp 981-999
  Chemical controls on the solubility of Zr-bearing phases in simplified
  peralkaline melts and application to the Strange Lake intrusion,
  Marr RA; Baker DR; Williams-Jones AE.
  pp 1001-1008
  Morphology of chiolite twins from the Morefield mine, Amelia County,
  Richards RP; Kearns LE; Cook WR.
  pp 1009-1015
  Triclinic muscovite: X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction and
  photo-acoustic FTIR spectroscopy. 
  Liang JJ; Hawthorne FC; Swainson IP.
  pp 1017-1027
  X-ray and neutron single-crystal study of P4/n vesuvianite. 
  Pavese A; Prencipe M; Tribaudino M; Aagaard SS.
  pp 1029-1037
  The crystal structure of Na2MgGd2(Si4O12)F-2 and its relationship with
  Maisonneuve V; Leblanc M.
  pp 1039-1043
  Synthesis and rietveld refinement of new phosphate and arsenate analogues
  of paracelsian. 
  Lucas F; Elfakir A; Wallez G; Quarton M.
  pp 1045-1051
  Rigid-body character of the SO4 groups in celestine, anglesite and barite.
  Jacobsen SD; Smyth JR; Swope RJ; Downs RT.
  pp 1053-1060
  The structure of compreignacite, K-2[(UO2)(3)O-2(OH)(3)](2)(H2O)(7).
  Burns PC.
  pp 1061-1067
  The structure of boltwoodite and implications of solid solution toward
  sodium boltwoodite. 
  Burns PC.
  pp 1069-1075
  Blatonite, UO2CO3 center dot H2O, a new uranyl carbonate monohydrate from
  San Juan County, Utah. 
  Vochten R; Deliens M.
  pp 1077-1081
  Graeserite, Fe4Ti3AsO13(OH), a new mineral species of the derbylite group
  from the Monte Leone nappe, Binntal region, Western Alps, Switzerland.
  Krzemnicki MS; Reusser E.
  pp 1083-1088
  The response of luminescence in synthetic calcite to laboratory heating.
  Mason RA.
  pp 1089-1103
  Rare sulfosalts from Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy. I. Se-bearing
  kirkiite, Pb-10(Bi,As)(6)(S,Se)(19). 
  Borodaev YS; Garavelli A; Kuzmina OV; Mozgova NN; Organova NI; Trubkin NV;
  Vurro F.
  pp 1105-1114
  Crystallography, mineral chemistry and chemical nomenclature of
  goldfieldite, the tellurian member of the tetrahedrite solid-solution
  Trudu AG; Knittel U.
  pp 1115-1137
  Lindstromite from Cobalt, Ontario. 
  Pring A; Grguric BA; Criddle AJ.
  pp 1139-1148
  An occurrence of tobermorite in Tertiary basalts from Patagonia, Chile.
  Aguirre L; Dominguez-Bella S; Morata D; Wittke O.
  pp 1149-1155
  The Volta Grande pegmatites, Minas Gerais, Brazil: An example of
  rare-element granitic pegmatites exceptionally enriched in lithium and
  rubidium: Discussion. [Editorial Material]
  Pires FRM; Cabral AR.
  pp 1157-1158
  The Volta Grande pegmatites, Minas Gerais, Brazil: An example of
  rare-element granitic pegmatites exceptionally enriched in lithium and
  rubidium: Reply. [Editorial Material]
  Lagache M; Quemeneur J.
  pp 1158-1160
  The influence of heating on cathodoluminescence emission from natural
  calcite (vol 35, pg 723, 1997). [Correction, Addition]
  pp 1104