Applied Geochemistry, 1997, V 12, N 6.

Preface to the set of thematic papers dedicated to the memory of john napier
andrews (1930-1994)
WM Edmunds                                               pp. 705-706

Analysis of noble gases in water using a quadrupole mass spectrometer in 
static mode
JC Poole, GW Mcneill, SR Langman, FAR Dennis             pp. 707-714

The implications of the laboratory 222rn flux measurements to the
radioactivityin groundwaters: the case of a karstic limestone aquifer
DM Bonotto, JN Andrews                                   pp. 715-726

Radioisotope dynamics - the origin and fate of nuclides in groundwater
BE Lehmann, R Purtschert                                 pp. 727-738

Stable isotope contents of porewater in a claystone formation (tournemire,
france) : assessment of the extraction technique and preliminary results.
Y Moreau-Le Golvan, JL Michelot                          pp. 739-745    

Noble gas recharge temperatures and the excess air component
GB Wilson, GW Mcneill                                    pp. 747-762

Isotopic and noble gas study of chalk groundwater in the london basin, 
FAR Dennis, JN Andrews, A Parker, J Poole, M Wolf        pp. 763-773

Geochemistry and residence time estimation of groundwater from the 
upper aquifer of the chihuahua desert (comarca lagunera northern mexico)
L Brouste, C Marlin, L Dever                             pp. 775-786

Estimation of mean water residence times and runoff generation of l18o
measurements in a prealpine catchment (rietholzbach, eastern switzerland)
T Vitvar, W Balderer                                     pp. 787-796

A preliminary assessment of nitrous oxide in chalk groundwater in
cambridgeshire, uk
IH Muhlherr, KM Hiscock                                  pp. 797-802  

Controls on stable isotope profiles in the chalk aquifer of north-east
norfolk, uk with special reference to dissolved sulphate
NA Feast, KM Hiscock, PF Dennis, SH Bottrell             pp. 803-812

Isotopic evidence for palaeowaters in the british isles
WG Darling, WM Edmunds, PL Smedley                       pp. 813-829      

On the origin of saline fluids in the KTB(Continental Deep project on Germany).
M Lodemann, P Fritz, M Wolf, M Ivanovich, BT Hansen, E Nolte
                                                         pp. 831-849 

Saline groundwater and brines in crystalli
P Fritz                                                  pp. 851-856  

Comment on "Desorption and diffusion of episodic pollutants in sediments: a
3-phase model applied on Chernobyl Cs-137"
JT Smith                                                 pp. 857-859 

Modelling the desorption and diffusion of Chernobyl 137Cs in sediments
 - a reply to the comment by J.T. Smith
M Meili, A Worman                                        pp. 861-866