Applied Geochemistry, 2001, V 16, N 5, 1 April.

R. Cidu, C. Biagini, L. Fanfani, G. La Ruffa and I. Marras
Mine closure at Monteponi (Italy): effect of the cessation of
dewatering on the quality of shallow groundwater

 P.J. Swedlund and J.G. Webster
Cu and Zn ternary surface complex formation with SO4 on
ferrihydrite and schwertmannite

 Frédéric Gérard, Jean-Pierre Boudot and Jacques Ranger
Consideration on the occurrence of the Al13 polycation in
natural soil solutions and surface waters  

 Yanxin Wang and Eric J. Reardon
Activation and regeneration of a soil sorbent for
defluoridation of drinking water

 Stefano Covelli, Jadran Faganeli, Milena Horvat and Antonio Brambati
Mercury contamination of coastal sediments as the result of
long-term cinnabar mining activity (Gulf of Trieste, northern
Adriatic sea)

 Jean-Marie R. Génin, Philippe Refait, Guilhem Bourrié, Mustapha
 Abdelmoula and Fabienne Trolard
Structure and stability of the Fe(II)-Fe(III) green rust
"fougerite" mineral and its potential for reducing pollutants
in soil solutions