Applied Geochemistry, 2000, V 15, N 5.

ISSN : 0883-2927

pp 551-566
Diagenetic cycling of trace elements in the bottom sediments 
of the Swan river estuary, Western Australia
GB Douglas, JA Adeney

pp 567-581
Heavy metal distribution in sediment profiles of the 
Pearl river estuary, South China
X Li, OWH Wai, YS Li, BJ Coles, MH Ramsay, I Thornton

pp 583-597
14C dating of Gorleben groundwater
G Buckau, R Artinger, S Geyer, M Wolf, P Fritz, JI Kim

pp 599-609
Strontium isotope geochemistry of ground waters and 
streams affected by agriculture, Locust Grove, Maryland
JK Bohlke, M Horan

pp 611-627
Application of multivariate modelling to detect hydrocarbon
components for optimal discrimination between two source 
rock types
W Odden, OM Kvalheim

pp 629-646
Form and distribution of gold mobilized into surface waters and
sediments from a gossan tailings pile, Murray Brook massive 
sulfide deposit, New Brunswick Canada
MI Leybourne, WD Goodfellow, DR Boyle, GEM Hall

pp 647-653
Considerations regarding the definition of a geochemical baseline 
of elements in the surficial materials in areas differing in basic
R Salminen, V Gregorauskiene

pp 655-666
A process model of natural attenuation in drainage from a 
historic mining district
AC Berger, CM Bethke, JL Krumhansl

pp 667-686
Regional fluid characterisation and modelling of water-rock
equilibria in the boon clay formation and in the Rupelian 
aquifer at Mol, Belgium
C Beaucaire, H Pitsch, P Toulhoat, S Motellier, D Louvat

pp 687-694
Differential diagenesis of strontium in archaeological 
human dental tissues
P Budd, J Montgomery, B Barreiro, RG Thomas