Applied Geochemistry Volume 11, Issue 5, September 1996

   * High resolution regional hydrogeochemical baseline mapping of stream
     water of Wales, the Welsh borders and West Midlands region
     Simpson, P.R., Breward, N., Flight, D.M.A., Lister, T.R., Cook, J.M.,
     Smith, B. and Hall, G.E.M.
     page 621-625+626+627-632
   * Chemical fixation of arsenic in contaminated soils
     Voigt, D.E., Brantley, S.L. and Hennet, R.J.-C.
     page 633-643
   * Evidence for retrograde hydrothermal reactions in near surface
     sediments of Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California
     Sturz, A.A., Sturdivant, A.E., Leif, R.N., Simoneit, B.R.T. and
     Gieskes, J.M.
     page 645-665
   * Origin of _exotic_ minerals in Mississippi salt dome cap rocks:
     results of reaction-path modeling
     Saunders, J.A. and Thomas, R.C.
     page 667-676
   * Colloid properties in granitic groundwater systems. I: Sampling and
     Degueldre, C., Pfeiffer, H.-R., Alexander, W., Wernli, B. and
     Bruetsch, R.
     page 677-695
   * Colloid properties in granitic groundwater systems. II: Stability and
     transport study
     Degueldre, C., Grauer, R., Laube, A., Oess, A. and Silby, H.
     page 697-710
   * Early diagenesis of organic matter in recent Black Sea sediments:
     characterization and source assessment
     Ergin, M., Gaines, A., Galletti, G.C., Chiavari, G., Fabbri, D. and
     Yucesoy-Eryilmaz, F.
     page 711-720
   * Pb isotopic ratios and elemental abundances for selective leachates
     from near-surface till: implications for mineral exploration
     Simonetti, A., Bell, K. and Hall, G.E.M.
     page 721-734