Applied Geochemistry, 2001, V 16, N 3, 1 March.

M. Hobzová, P. Jake and M. Mihaljevi
Major element geochemistry of recent sediments from the Fláje
basin (Kruné hory-Erzgebirge, Czech Republic)

 Robert W. Gerlach, Mae Sexauer Gustin and Jeanette M. Van Emon
On-site mercury analysis of soil at hazardous waste sites -
by immunoassay and ASV

 Yasunori Mahara et al.
Dynamic changes in hydrogeochemical conditions caused by
tunnel excavation at the Aspo Hard Rock Laboratory (HRL),Sweden 

 Michael E. Wieser, S.S. Iyer, H.R. Krouse and M.I. Cantagallo
Variations in the boron isotope composition of Coffea arabica beans

 F.T. Aka, M. Kusakabe, K. Nagao and G. Tanyileke
Noble gas isotopic compositions and water/gas chemistry of
soda springs from the islands of Bioko, São Tomé and Annobon,
along with Cameroon Volcanic Line, West Africa   

 Rohana Chandrajith, C.B. Dissanayake and H.J. Tobschall
Application of multi-element relationships in stream sediments to mineral 
exploration: a case study of WalaweGanga Basin, Sri Lanka   

 Marc Steinmann, Peter Stille, Kurt Mengel and Bernard Kiefel
Trace element and isotopic evidence for REE migration and
fractionation in salts next to a basalt dyke

 Anne Müller
Geochemical expressions of anoxic conditions in Nordåsvannet,
a land-locked fjord in western Norway

 A. Bechtel, A.M. Ghazi, W.C. Elliott and S. Oszczepalski
The occurrences of the rare earth elements and the platinum
group elements in relation to base metal zoning in the
vicinity of Rote Fäule in the Kupferschiefer of Poland 

 Mats Åström
The effect of acid soil leaching on trace element abundance
in a medium-sized stream, W. Finland