Applied Geochemistry, 2000, V 15, N 3.

ISSN : 0883-2927
pp 265-279
Experimental study on water-rock interactions during CO2 flooding in
the Tensleep Formation, Wyoming, USA
R Shiraki, TL Dunn

pp 281-294
Modelling of modern mercury vapor transport in an ancient
hydrothermal system: environmental and geochemical implications
A Navarro-Flores, J Martinez-Frias, X Font, M Viladevall

pp 295-309
Making diagenesis obey thermodynamics and kinetics: the case of
quartz cementation in sandstones from offshore mid-Norway
EH Oelkers, PA Bjorkum, O Walderhaug, PH Nadeau, WM Murphy

pp 311-325
Ba/Sr, Ca/Sr and 87Sr/86Sr ratios in soil water and groundwater:
implications for relative contributions to stream water discharge.
M Land, J Ingri, PS Andersson, B Ohlander

pp 327-335
The calcite/portlandite phase boundary: enhanced calcite solubility
at high pH
EJ Reardon, R Fagan

pp 337-346
Native gold in mineral precipitates from high-temperature volcanic
gases of Colima volcano, Mexico
YA Taran, A Bernard, JC Gavilanes, F Africano

pp 347-354
An X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of the coprecipitation of Tc
and Re with mackinawite (FeS).
MJ Wharton, B Atkins, JM Charnock, FR Livens, RAD Pattrick, D

pp 355-368
Hydrothermal petroleum from lacustrine sedimentary organic matter in
the East African Rift
BRT Simoneit, TAT Aboul-Kassim, JJ Tiercelin

pp 369-383
Use of 234U and 238U isotopes to identify fertilizer-derived uranium
in the Florida Everglades
RA Zielinski, KR Simmons, WH Orem

pp 385-401
Selenium distribution in the local environment of selected villages
of the Keshan Disease belt, Zhangjiakou District, Hebei Province,
People's Republic of China.
CC Johnson, X Ge, KA Green, X Liu