Applied Geochemistry, 2006, V 21, N 12, December.

Stable isotope evidence for the atmospheric origin
of CO2 involved in carbonation of MSWI bottom ash 
C. Flehoc, J.-P. Girard, P. Piantone and F. Bodenan
Pages 2037-2048 

Cancrinite and sodalite formation in the 
presence of cesium, potassium, magnesium, 
calcium and strontium in Hanford 
tank waste simulants 
Youjun Deng, Markus Flury, James B. Harsh, 
Andrew R. Felmy and Odeta Qafoku
Pages 2049-2063 

Mineralogical and geochemical patterns of 
urban surface soils, the example of 
Pforzheim, Germany 
Stefan Norra, Mahesh Lanka-Panditha, 
Utz Kramar and Doris Stuben
Pages 2064-2081 

Moisture source in the Hyblean Mountains 
region (south-eastern Sicily, Italy): 
Evidence from stable isotopes signature 
Fausto Grassa, Rocco Favara and Mariano Valenza
Pages 2082-2095 

Comparison of soil solution chemistry 
sampled by centrifugation, two types 
of suction lysimeters and 
zero-tension lysimeters 
Christine E. Geibe, Rolf Danielsson, 
Patrick A.W. van Hees and 
Ulla S. Lundstrom
Pages 2096-2111 

Validation of a field filtration technique 
for characterization of suspended particulate 
matter from freshwater. 
Part II. Minor, trace and ultra trace elements 
Fredrik Odman, Thomas Ruth, Ilia Rodushkin 
and Christer Ponter
Pages 2112-2134 

Anthropogenic Pb accumulation in forest 
soils from Lake Clair watershed: 
Duchesnay experimental forest (Quebec, Canada) 
Sabary Omer Ndzangou, Marc Richer-LaFLeche 
and Daniel Houle
Pages 2135-2147 

Groundwater recharge history and 
hydrogeochemical evolution in the 
Minqin Basin, North West China 
W.M. Edmunds, Jinzhu Ma, W. Aeschbach-Hertig, 
R. Kipfer and D.P.F. Darbyshire
Pages 2148-2170 

Spatial variation in pore water geochemistry 
in a mangrove system (Pai Matos island, Cananeia-Brazil) 
X.L. Otero, T.O. Ferreira, P. Vidal-Torrado and F. Macias
Pages 2171-2186 

Erratum to "An Apatite II permeable reactive
barrier to remediate groundwater containing 
Zn, Pb and Cd" [Applied Geochemistry 21 
(2006) 12881300] 
James L. Conca and Judith Wright
Page 2187 

An Apatite II permeable reactive barrier 
to remediate groundwater containing
Zn, Pb and Cd 
James L. Conca and Judith Wright
Pages 2188-2200 

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