Applied Geochemistry, 2000, V 15, N 10, Nov.

ISSN : 0883-2927
pp 1417-1437
Assessing the past thermal and chemical history of fluids in
crystalline rock by combining fluid inclusion and isotopic
investigations of fracture calcite
A. Blyth, S. Frape, R. Blomqvist, P. Nissinen

pp 1439-1454
Early diagenetic behaviour of selenium in freshwater sediments
N. Belzile, Y.-W. Chen, R. Xu

pp 1455-1467
Chemistry and sulfur isotopic composition of precipitation at
Bologna, Italy
P. Panettiere, G. Cortecci, E. Dinelli, A. Bencini, M. Guidi

pp 1469-1493
Marbles from Roman Hispania: stable isotope and cathodoluminescence
M.P. Lapuente, B. Turi, P. Blanc

pp 1495-1504
Transient calcite fracture fillings in a welded tuff, Snowshoe
Mountain, Colorado
A.R. Hoch, M.M. Reddy, M.J. Heymans

pp 1505-1525
Use of orthophosphate complexing agents to investigate mechanisms
limiting the alteration kinetics of French SON 68 nuclear glass
S. Gin, C. Jegou, E. Vernaz

pp 1527-1533
''Rust'' contamination of formation waters from producing wells
B. Hitchon