Applied Geochemistry, 2000, V 15, N 1, January.

ISSN : 0883-2927

pp 1-12
Methane-rich fluid inclusions in the Proterozoic Zn-Pb-Ag deposit at
Dugald River, NW Queensland: potential as an exploration guide
G Xu

pp 13-25
Short-chained carboxylates in fluid inclusions in minerals
Y Zeng, J Liu

pp 27-34
The effects of PH regulation upon the release of sulfates from ferric
precipitates formed in acid mine drainage
S Rose, WC Elliott

pp 35-49
Reactive transport of metal contaminants in alluvium - model
comparison and column simulation
JG Brown, RL Bassett, PD Glynn

pp 51-65
Geochemistry of the formation waters in th Po plain (Northern Italy):
an overview.
A Conti, E Sacchi, M Chiarle, G Martinelli, GM Zuppi

pp 67-77
Chemical dynamics and weathering rates of a carbonate basin Bow
River, southern Alberta
SE Grasby, I Hutcheon

pp 79-89
High temperature supercritical carbon dioxide extractions of
geological samples: effects and contributions from the sample matrix.
R Jaffe, D Diaz, KG Furton, E Lafargue

pp 91-95
Abiological formation of formic acid on rocks in nature
K Ohta, H Ogawa, T Mizuno

pp 97-116
Characterization of groundwater humic substances: influence of
sedimentary organic carbon
R Artinger, G Buckau, JI Kim, S Geyer, P Fritz, M Wolf

pp 117-132
Soil, grain and water chemistry in relation to human
selenium-responsive diseases in Enshi District, China
FM Fordyce, Z Guangdi, K Green, L Xinping